Horse Property or Horse Farm in Barrington Illinois

July 26th, 2013 14:54

Pond Gate Farms

Are you in the market to buy a horse property in Barrington Illinois or a horse farm? What's the difference in my mind or in yours? Well to me a horse farm would be a farm that raises horses and likely would have a residence on site. More than likely the stables would be extensive in size and stall quantity would be multiple. The land or acreage attached to this type of real estate would be very big and there may well be an indoor and/or outdoor arena, even a practice track if the horses were bred for racing. A horse property on the other hand would be a residence that is zoned to allow owners to keep horses. The acreage would be smaller, perhaps an outdoor arena of some kind, the land might have multiple paddocks a barn with stalls and if lucky the property would be close to the Barrington riding trails. About 10 years ago a local developer built a neighborhood in Barrington Hills and named it Pond Gate Farms. Are they really horse farms? Well no, not in my mind at least, they are residences with 5 acre lots and therefore are zoned for keeping horses. Some of the properties do have barns and stables, paddocks with fences and the owners do keep horses. Other just enjoy the space provided by the 5 acres of land. There are not really many "horse farms" per se in the Barrington area, a couple of very large ones, the rest of the real estate is owned by horse lovers who have one to a few horses and keep them on their own property. They may race them, ride them, play polo and belong to the Barrington Hills riding club, but they are not truly farming, which to me means breeding and raising in a larger quantity.